It’s not a sort of thing that arrives in the usual way. And everyone seems to come by it differently. Here follows a partial list of our current delivery methods:

•    Earthworms
•    The static of a radio that hasn’t quite been switched off
•    Bird people
•    Poetry, but only free verse
•    The wind, but only westerly
•    A dog’s tail
•    Distant disembodied voices
•    Tall grasses that brush your ankles
•    Chimney smoke
•    The perihelion of the Earth

We can’t, unfortunately, guarantee a specific delivery method. You’ll just have to watch for them all. Please let us know if it’s something that isn’t on this list. Especially if it’s interesting or inconvenient.

What we can guarantee is prompt delivery, on uncertain days throughout 2018. What we can guarantee is first-class writing on language and story, place and structure, truth and kindness. And magic. What we can guarantee is time and space to rest.

Welcome to The Quiet Post.

Connor Unger is a writer from Minnesota. Here is his Twitter, here is his email, and here is his story about a young wizard who really hates the hero’s journey and decides to write a blog about it.